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Graphic Design

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The basis of any visual communication — regardless of the chosen medium — is the graphic design. This encompasses corporate design, logo design, infographics and printed products, such as posters, brochures, catalogues and packaging. A brand needs to perform strongly in all of these areas to achieve the desired image. We equip you with everything you need to accomplish this:

  • Corporate identity and design
  • Logo design
  • Image editing and illustration
  • Print design, such as flyers, brochures and catalogues
  • Creation of advertising materials
  • Ad design, creation of supplements and inserts
  • Design of outdoor advertising and advertising spaces

As a first step, we talk to you about your specific ideas to ensure the product is represented in line with your vision. After a detailed analysis, we develop a suitable visual concept and present various design options. Then it's down to you to decide which solution appeals the most — because after all, first impressions count!