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Affiliate Marketing – we find the best sales channel for your success

Implemented properly, affiliate marketing may play an essential and extraordinarily efficient role within your online marketing mixture – for a good reason: Even with a manageable budget, predictable and efficient advertising is possible with the suitable partner program, since communication is done with a main focus on target groups, and sales partners are compensated objectively measurably on the basis of commissions and strictly according to their success.

The success of every affiliate marketing campaign depends on a range of factors. A strategic affiliate marketing consulting based on experience will help you cover all these factors. Of utmost importance is the efficient combination of partner program and affiliate. Only if the user profiles of the selected affiliates in the partner program sufficiently overlap with the target group of the merchants, does the involvement of advertising material promise success. For the user, the advertising material must appear attractive and relevant enough for them to leave the site in order to visit the merchant’s offer. An intelligent and innovative advertising material creation of target-group relevant and attractive ads such as banners or text advertisements is needed in order to efficiently address website users of affiliates and to achieve an optimal conversion rate (conversion into actual clicks on the advertisement).

An elaborate affiliate marketing consulting based on experience will support your planning and creatively implementing a partner management from the very beginning. We offer you affiliate marketing consulting comprising all essential success modules. Together, we will develop an effective affiliate marketing strategy and commission scheme which perfectly match your offer, your existing communication media, and your brand environment. In order to reach relevant users, we will sustainably build up and continuously optimize your partner program based on the monitored user behavior. Every sales channel will be thoroughly analyzed and rated by our partner management. An intelligent scattering provides for access to the largest affiliate networks whereas you stay focussed on your target groups.

We create advertising material according to clear, experience-based sales criteria. We develop special offers and promotions which are conversion-intensive and attractive at the same time. The usage of innovative software and verifiably working tools provides for time-saving management of partner programs by continuous reporting and measuring data retrievable at any time. Thus, our affiliate marketing consulting ensures full planning reliability and budget control at any stage of your marketing campaign.




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