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Display Advertising creates impulses to purchase – everywhere…!

More than 50 million German Internet users. More than 80% of which use online shopping: display advertising opens up new potentials – it reaches customers everywhere. You would like to increase your brand recognition? Quickly ask yourself how likeable your brand really is. This decision is a matter of a split second. Only visible brands that evoke positive connotations create actual impulses to purchase. The efficiency of your online media strategy decides over your brand message being heard or not: thoroughly targeted premium placements create the basis for any target-group-oriented appearance.

Conception according to your aims and goals

Never fear – you will not have to reinvent the wheel! Does your web presence have potential? Let’s define the aims of your display advertising campaign together and find the right balance of classic marketing measures and online marketing channels: What banners and videos match you and your target group? The conception of media strategies for your campaign according to your aims and goals will bring the success.

Exact analysis

As your partner for maximum reach in a perfect-fit online environment, we will increase your brand or shop recognition, and safeguard long-term confidence in your brand. Gaining new customers? Generating additional sales? No problem by using cross-channel synergies: our tracking measures cross-marketing effects and will show you how your campaign will be effective in further online marketing channels.

Perfect-fit placement

Only advertisers who place their campaigns on suitable Internet portals with intensive reach, will exactly and reliably reach their target group, since mainstream portals are always accompanied by scattering losses. It is advisable to clearly define target groups and special interest users.

However – like everything, users change: only continuous retargeting and optimizing your campaign guarantee for your visitors feeling addressed on the long run. How successful is your campaign de facto? Our transparent regular reporting will show you, whereas the continuous control of generated data will point out where optimization is needed: aspects that do not fit will be turned in to perfect-fit aspects – cross-channeled and in real time. Join your customer on their (measurably displayable) customer journey, through their entire process of purchase decisions – and benefit from personalized retargeting like special offers for identified shopping cart abandoners.

Innovative design

Display marketing places high-quality advertising spaces like effective advertising banners for real recognition effects. Maximum attractive contents reach every thematic target group via prominently placed instruments, such as editorial advertorials, promotions, promotional contests and games, and many more.

True – more attention equals higher conversion rates. However – it’s in the mix, and only the combination of tailor-made banner design, harmonious pictures, videos and large-size ads, which are brand- and response-optimized, provides for an efficient display advertising campaign. Discover HD banner design in excellent color quality, interactive flash banners, or clever interstitials: running while the page is loading, the customer’s attention is guaranteed. Video advertising provides for experiencing advertising messages that touch customers without getting on their nerves – as InStream, banner- or InTextVideo.

Rapidly growing: mobile advertising, for instance as location-based advertising via GPS tracking, that is local relation of your advertising strategy, interactive online game advertising space or mobile InApp advertising for iPhone or Blackberry.

Your display advertising campaign – all services completely from one source

Benefit from profound know-how of an established performance marketing enterprise when planing your media strategy. We are in the position to negotiate best purchase conditions for you – thanks to our international network consisting of ad networks as well as marketers. For you to be able to distribute your budget to all channels the most effective way possible. Gain real sales increase? Talk with us – we will support you. Guaranteed.





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