• A faster route to winning new customers and retaining existing customers
  • Higher probability of ROI
  • Many years of experience in email marketing
  • Exclusive reach of 6.5 million addresses
  • Lead generation in-house by our own generation pages
  • Quick and efficient handling from one source


On the tracks of your target group – using innovative e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is an important tool for every enterprise contacting potential customers via the Internet.

It is certainly the wrong way to just quickly send out a simple newsletter or advertising e-mail, hoping that one or two new customers might react.

When it comes to the acquisition of new customers, rely on the selection of target groups, and discover the meaning of professional campaign support together with us.

The range of each campaign is individually customized to your offer and optimized in every aspect by our team. One campaign might focus on a great range, another might focus on an exact target group selection. We will balance both aspects in your interest.

Selecting the right partners in e-mail marketing, your e-mail campaign will not just reach ‘people’ but exclusively interested parties of your target group: Internet users who search for what you have, and who will not just drag your e-mail into the virtual recycle bin.

E-Mail Marketing

How we know all this?

Via Double Opt In, the recipients have agreed to receive advertisements, thus expressing an interest in your advertising campaign. Different selection methods guarantee the reaching of the right target group for every e-mail campaign, thus preventing scattering losses.

An e-mail campaign perfectly fit to your requirements, however, is not only a tool for gaining new customers. It is the way to achieve brand recognition in the broad mass, which is hard to achieve using other methods. And even if not immediately after receiving the e-mail campaign, an order is placed or a registration done, the recipient will remember you at the right time – provided a correct target group selection had been conducted.

Give us a challenge!

We will selectively promote your product, your services, or your enterprise.




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