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Love me or leave me – only a professional Internet presence, which combines attractive design, smooth running, and content with an actual surplus in value, arouses real interest. Your website is user-friendly, intuitive to use and loads as fast as lightning? Excellent!

Whether launch or relaunch: There will always be scope for optimization and a new makeover of your web design, for instance modern, target-group tailored display banners or individual advertising templates. A fully equipped website is oriented at cutting-edge web standards with well-grounded, creative solutions.

Effective corporate design – not a project of chance

Efficient web development is characterized by clear structures, search engine friendliness and a maximum of usability. The way to get there: A multi-step strategy including briefing, conception, and development for the transparent realization of your online goals. How is your site performing currently? An analysis will show it – and offer you a ‘before and after’ comparison.

The setup phase combines various competences: After the basis of the project, namely the briefing, comes the concept draft. Which measures and attainments are intended? Precise customer consulting makes tools, web design requirements, and technical circumstances (hosting, CMS, analytics system, etc.) transparent to the customer. Start with the homepage, then develop microsites? Or find a whole new approach? We will talk about it.

Web design conveyed professionally

Dynamic and sporty or exclusive and elegant – how do you identify your company? Individual and creative web design makes sensually perceptible who you are. What unique selling points distinguish your company from all the others? We will create tailor-made graphic solutions at fair conditions and clearly arranged user guidance. Only a unique corporate design will convey your corporate identity in a professional, promotionally effective, and representative way.

Responsive Web Design – Flexibility is the Magic Potion

Apart from desktops, modern users increasingly use laptops, tablets, or smartphones to obtain information online. This is where responsive design comes in. But what exactly does this term comprise – which meanwhile is said to be inevitable for any web performance?

As the term ‘responsive’ suggests, the web design responds to the respective display size, meaning it adapts to it automatically and flexibly. Behind this are findings of modern web design associated with the rise of mobile Internet, which web developers illustrate as a three-pillar model:

Easy Operability

The most important premise of responsive web is as simple as it is ingenius: The design responds to the user – no matter which resolution is applied. Whether images, tables, logos, texts, or videos: it all has to adapt flexibly.

In responsive web design, thus, easy operability and clear messages form the focus – this is irrespective of whether the user opens this website on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Layout, font sizes, and image sizes automatically adapt to the display size resulting in the user being perfectly informed at all times without any contribution on their part – thus staying at the site for a longer time.


No wonder responsive web design is no more only a current trend but rather a forward-looking necessity for your web performance. Even more so if you want to make your site accessible from all mobile platforms.

From the very beginning, esc mediagroup has focussed on responsive web. Our comprehensive responsive web package comprises planning, testing, and implementation – as customized and customer-oriented as possible!

Responsive web design realizes exactly what a multi-channel website is made for: Express the customer’s exceptional position and their USPs graphically. See for yourself – we make trend-setting web design visible!

Our know-how will be your lead

This is all Greek to you? We focus on knowledge transfer. Only those who have their own project all sussed out will be successful on the long run. How are successful Internet texts written? How are sites structured in a search-engine-friendly way? How is usability optimized and what opportunities are provided by analytics systems? When we agree in all these aspects, all is good: You will receive web applications that are clearly structured, straightforward, and open for further developments. Once your web projects has been realized, an intensive test phase will follow: Does everything work as planned? Yes? From now on, your professional Internet presence will work efficiently for you and increase your sales.

Ready for a makeover? Talk with us: At any time, we will be your competent contact, pull the strings for you, and never lose sight of your time schedule or your success.




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