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Right now the internet is definitely THE main medium your targeted marketing measures should focus on. Your online media are the fastest channels that provide your company direct communication with your customers as well as the potential target group. Among other things, esc mediagroup is also an exclusive marketer of email lists. The esc mediagroup team is transparent, detail-focused, innovative and competent – so put all your needs and requirements in our expert and specialist hands!

Our company is based on the merger of various online companies that have been active in the European market since 2006. As a result, diverse experience values and general sector industry expertise are concentrated within the esc mediagroup, thus leading to especially great potential for ideas and opportunities for the implementation of your projects. Every single employee in our WE WOW! YOU team with a diversified service portfolio is an absolute expert in their area of responsibility. This way we guarantee you comprehensive support as well as ongoing transparency throughout the full range of your campaigns. With esc mediagroup GmbH you profit from a condensed shot of competence and exclusivity in the field of online marketing.

This means the esc mediagroup is no “normal” classic agency with its ambitious motto and proven experts in its fields, but precisely the right expert partner for you in all things online marketing. The targeted strategic process for the realisation of your desired campaign is primarily of critical importance. As experienced specialists and experts, we never leave you “out in the rain” in anything!

Simply turn our competence into an edge for you!






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